Thank you for your replies Belinda. We are on the lymphoma list - this is kind 
of what convinced me to take him to the oncologist today to see what she 
thought.  She basically said that given his status, chemo (various protocols) 
could buy him 2-3 more months on average and that 50% of cats statistically 
will do better than that and some worse and of course that all cats may respond 

We have an appt Monday for the first chemo IV (UW Madison CHOP protocol) but I 
can cancel it also. I am going to think on this over the weekend. The main 
thing is that he has quality of life. Last week on Tues and Wed I thought he 
was dying on me.  A week of prenisolone, he is a different cat for the better. 
I know that won't last unless I try something else like chemo or other 
treatment.  I don't have any false hopes.  I can just say I'm grateful for all 
the feedback you've given and that everyone on this group has given us.  It 
helps so much that you don't feel like you are going through it alone 
(unfortunate that we all have to be here though because of the 

I know I need to decide by Monday if he's going through the chemo or not 
because his form is aggressive and the cells will become smart to the 
prednisolone. So far just from the pred, the tumor shrank about 30%.  The vet 
was hoping for more but the fact that it did respond was good she said. His 
cancer is a mediastinal cranial mass just behind his armpit - it originally was 
about 2.5cm and shrank 30% at least whatever that is in size now.  
Purrs, Spanky and Stacy
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  I don't know if you already are on the feline lymphoma list but if you 
aren't i would suggest it, it is a wonderful list for support and 
treatment options.  You can find it here if you are interested:

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