Hi Sharyl - thank you for your reply. Excellent point on the nutrition. I 
actually supplement his food with assist feeding meat only baby food (beechnut) 
and I have an issue with him being super picky about canned foods. He will only 
seem to eat one flavor of Wellness!  I often put the flavors he doesn't like in 
my food processor and blend it down so I can syringe some to him in addition to 
what he's eating.  I will look at some kitten food for him too. Do you know 
offhand of some higher calorie canned foods I could look at getting him? 
I will check out the assist feeding group. 

Thanks so much

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 you've gotten lots of advise on treating the lymphoma.  I just wanted 
to add the importance of feeding Spanky.  Cancer cells consume a lot of 
calories.  Spanky will need 1 1/2 to 2 times his normal calories to help
 him fight the cancer.  You may need to increase the amount you assist 
feed him to get the calories into him.  You can use higher calories 
canned foods, add meat baby food (no onions or garlic) to his canned 
foods, try some high calorie kitten foods, etc. to increase the calories
 per oz of food.

There is a Yahoo Assist Feeding group that may be of help.

You both are in our thoughts and prayers

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