Thanks Melinda, I appreciate your feedback.  Yes, I feel like what have I got 
to lose at this point...(besides my $ which doesn't mean anything compared to 
him). I am very lucky to live near the ER vet clinic which has specialists and 
the oncologist just started last week replacing one who moved she 
spent 1.5+ hours with us discussing options today and getting to know Spanky 
and his history. 

Which chemo protocol is Fuji on? Are you on the lymphoma list also? Several 
people use the AC-11 by Solgar for the kitties to increase the WBC.  I bought 
some and my vet wanted to see some info on it.  Let me know if you want more 
Good luck to you and Fuji also.Sending healing waves to you!!!
Thanks again
Stacy and Spanky

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 am sorry to hear your outcome.  Since I am currently going through the 
same thing I can understand all of your concerns.  It looks like his WBC
 count is OK, my vet would definitely do a treatment with it that high! 
 You have the added benefit of having an oncologist at your disposal.  
If she recommends a chemo protocol, I would definitely give it a try.  
As someone else said, you really don't have anything to lose.  Through 
all of my research, I have found that because the chemo is such a low 
dose, it causes very few immediate side affects.  At best, you will 
shrink the tumor and prolong his life, making him more comfortable in 
the process.  At worst, it won't work and he will continue as is causing
 you to possibly have to make a decision about letting him go.  As 
someone who has had a positive experience, I highly encourage the chemo.

 you and Spanky can decide what is best for him.  I've heard many people
 say that he will let you know when he is ready to move on.  As for 
myself and my Fuji cat, I believe I may be learning as well.  She was 
due to go in today to have her blood tested, which the vet does by 
starting an IV (she doesn't much care for it.)  If her WBC count is high
 enough she would get another treatment.  Historically, over the last 2 
months that count has been very low.  Right now she is eating, playing, 
purring and last night even slept with my husband and I (she only does 
that when she feels good!)  I have decided to wait until next week to 
take her in.  It will give her a longer recovery period, increasing her 
chances of having another treatment.  Otherwise, she would go through 
the test for nothing and have to return in 10 days for another test.  In
 the past, I've rushed to get her in hoping for the best and being 
disappointed when she couldn't be treated.  I think she will be happier 
this way.

I wish you the best of luck. 

Melinda, Fuji and baby VooDoo

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