Whimsy is adapting perfectly to being indoor only!  (someone here said 'you 
control the door', and it was that simple.  a few protests, an escape due to a 
foggy glass door, but overall very smooth transition)  I'm watching him closely 
to make sure he isn't lonely.
I did see him attack another feral who was taking 'his' yard, a few months 
after he was fixed.  Obviously that doesn't necessarily mean he couldn't have a 
pal, but ... we don't really have anywhere to get him used to a new kitty, 
they'd have to be together right away...
so, is it a good idea?   
should I open the blinds on the door that separates him from his siblings to 
see how he reacts to other kitties?
male or female?
If Whimsy has a stronger constitution, would another FeLV kitty potentially 
make him sicker with a more virulent version?
again, Whimsy is a boy, about 2.5, asymptomatic.
thank you!!

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