Same here, I sing to my feral kittens and they seem to love it.  

"Trapped" one in a snowstorm who was very ill and kept moving away, but fell 
asleep when I sang to him.   When I got close, he'd wake and I'd stop, look 
away, start singing again when he relaxed and stoped looking at me.  Finally 
close enough to sing, let him nod off, scruff, drop in trap.  I don't have a 
very good voice and could only remember Christmas songs at the time because I 
was so nervous for him, but it sure worked.  



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The listmom of my feral-cats list (she is Wiccan) feels strongly that cats
love to be sung to, and to have their own special song. So y'all are on the
right track! She also says that cats love to be told their own story --
where they came from, how you met them, whatever. She feels that there is a
special kind of communication and they sort of understand on a cellular
level that the song or story is about them. I'm not as radical as that, but
I do occasionally try to tell one cat or another its story. Can't hurt! Oh,
and she tells people to explain things to cats and ask their permission,
forgiveness or whatever. This might be useful for those of us going through
hard times with our kitties -- assisted feeding, pilling etc. 

Diane R.

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So I'm not the only one who makes up little songs for the cats!
Each cat has its own song (some have several) -- a kind of "theme song". 
For some reason, I do this for every cat.  I wonder why we do this?
The songs are quite nice...or so the cat thinks!
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> On 12-26, Katy Doyle wrote:
>> This might sound silly, but I sing to my cats. Like when I'm taming
>> and socializing feral kittens... It seems to work and I have fun
>> :-)
> It's good to know I'm not the only one who makes up silly little
> songs to sing to my cats :-)
> Lorrie
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