Isaac would have been 3 years young on 4.14.  He tested positive along with 4 
others of my inner circle of seven on 3.1.2010.  I did not test further but put 
efforts into food and supplements.
Isaac  was big (not fat) black, neutered and active and appeared healthy and 
aggravated Scrumptious assertively.  This group lived an indoor-outdoor life in 
the rural Carolina Piedmont.    
Tuesday morning he did not eat.  His breath was horrendous.  He liked to eat - 
- I used to joke with him that he and I both needed to spend time on the 
treadmill.  That night he was not there nor on Wednesday nor Thursday morning 
though I searched and called.  Thursday night he answered.  He could not move 
and his pupils were dilated and fixed.  He did not look as if he had been 
attacked by dogs or coyotes.
I took him the 14 miles home and hydrated him orally during the night.  He got 
up to walk several times during the late night morning but would walk 3 steps 
and wobble and fall down; he would cry out while sleeping with me or when I 
moved him but I did not know what the matter was.  Conscious but not responsive 
to me. (the crying out & walking with falling down reminiscent of Torie Rose - 
- in her last earthly night.  She was the first and original of this inner 
circle of 8 who was euthanized 2.28.2010).  I made an appointment with a vet 
for Friday. He gave fluids - - thought Isaac's teeth and forehead spoke of 
liver failure, said his lungs were clear and heart sounded good though a little 
fast.  The plan was to do fluids over the weekend and reassess early in the 
week.  Vet said could be leukemia.  could be poison.  didn't know.
I unintentionally killed him Friday night and will say no more about that.  
That is a heavy load.
To have him suddenly in major distress was unimaginable.  He was only a 
nanometer beyond Scrumptious in closeness to me.  He and Shallie Marie appeared 
to be the healthiest.  This is the last thing I would have expected.
Thank you for hearing my story.
any wisdom or insights will be appreciated.
megan and Scrumptious and Luscious and Mama and Pookashay and Shallie Marie and 
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