Leona Jean is the FIV female who came to my patio on Thanksgiving Day. I have 
written of her before and was graciously advised to check out the FIV group.
Her upper respiratory symptoms are back - - the worst since she presented.  
Leona Jean  is now having a little goop in the corners of her eyes and the 
mucous is beginning to string.  She has been on about four different 
antibiotics.  The vet said on the last visit that her lungs sounded clear.  
Does that mean nose & sinuses are where the infection is?   We just finished 
the 200 mg azithromycin the vet put her on last time.  Leona Jean's respiratory 
symptoms diminish only somewhat but really don't even come close to clearing.
The vet had advised to use the azithromycin daily and then on alternate days.  
Humidity and hydrating with juice don't seem to help like they did before.  She 
won't drink homemade chicken broth either.
I wouldn't fight at all if someone knew of a superb FIV home for her.  My own 
local inquires have come up empty.  She is sweet, sleeps with me, maybe has a 
megacolon.  We are in the Piedmont of NC.
Thank you.
which brings the third comment:  dealing with personal exhaustion; finding a 
balance; $ issues.                                           
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