OMG - how spaced out do you have to be to do that?  
I hope that Studs will be OK - and please give him between 30-5-mg of CoQ10
every day in his food! He may also need a diuretic, as one of mine gets -
she's doing fine.

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I was supposed to have a new FeLV kitty "Studs" aka "Stud Muffin" last
night, but the lady who was transporting him left him in a carrier in her
carport with no food or water all day. I live in Atlanta & it has been hot.
He had to be treated for severe dehydration & is currently at the vet. They
also discovered he had a severe heart murmur, so they are going to check to
see if that can me managed with meds or if it is too late. He is apparently
a total love bug. My favorite kind of cat - big black short haired cat with
green eyes. 

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