So sorry to hear... but please don't feel defeated!  You gave these little
ones the best possible chance & you know that they knew that.  I lost my
Romeo to lymphoma & for him, treatment was not really an option.  It's a
terrible disease--attacks fast with a vengeance.  His last few days were
tough but through it all, he knew that I'd do what was right for him--just
like you did with Rosie.  

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Rosie passed last night, I could not bear to watch her wasting away. The
Lymphoma had beat her. We had her on Pred and Leukeran-which shrank the mass
near her throat the first week, then it came back with a vengeance the next
week. We increased it to every other day on the Leukeran to no avail. She
was also on Lasix, Lysine, iron, b vitamins, Interferon. She always came
into the kitchen and waited for me to give her the meds, but the last few
days she began to clamp her jaw, like enough. She was being syringe fed, she
couldn't eat-the mass in her neck got so large and hard. Her eyes became
empty and she just wanted to hide, she was miserable. When I came home from
work last night, I knew it was time. Thank you to the wonderful vets and
staff at Sacramento Cat Hospital for staying late so we could help Rosie
join her man, Murphy at the bridge-he passed in October from Lymphoma and
anemia. Rosie is our 6th and last FeLV kitty-her 4 brothers passed in their
first year from anemia, despite all  our efforts. I have never felt so
defeated and empty in my life. I did not have a clue about FeLV when we
rescued the feral babies.
It has been a long and sad 2 years, Rosie and Murphy each just made it to 2
1/2 yrs old.
Bless all of you fighting this battle-it is a long, and difficult journey,
but these babies deserve all the love in the world.  Alice with Miso and
Sachi-the 2 negatives we adopted when Rosie got so depressed when she was
left alone after Murphy passed.
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