Okay guys we need your help big time.  Abbey is felu and fel imun positive. She 
has stomatitis. Had 14 teeth, roots and all removed 2 wks ago. Mouth greatly 
improved but not all - in the back between upper and lower still red.  Not on 
any meds for now. She will not lick lysine. Am going to try to water down 
lysine and get it in her or spread pill powder and mix in food. Would mixing 
bovine interferon maybe help? I am frantic to help her. She does not deserve 
this. Cannot pill. Feeding watered down a/d or baby food or fancy feast. She 
has a great appetite until she hits her sore area with a piece of food.  She 
has 10 days til she goes back to the vet. He is thinking about steriods.  Any 
ideas of what to do? I really don't want to put her on steriods unless nothing 
else to do.  She is the baby that was dumped by my great neighbors and they 
moved leaving her outside with no food or water or anywhere to sleep unless she 
crawled under the slab of their house.
 Abbey is the sweetest loving black cat. We apreciate any help you can offer. 
Thank you.

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