I am not sure how this board works, but this is my story. Can I answer on the board or do I have to send a e-mail each time.

Over last summer, there was an abandoned foreclosure house next door to me. Well, in the hole of the fence, these 2 little faces kept popping their heads threw the hole. Turns out they were kittens born in March 2010 from a feral mother cat. I feed them over the summer and finally made friends with the kittens. I bought a small dog house they could eat without getting soaked in the rain, snow etc. I finally TRN them in Sept. One is a healthy Gray Tiger one which I call "Hello". The other is a small black and white which I call "Hello Kitty". they were both males. The black and white seemed to eat alot less, very skiddish, not as friendly. The tiger one is a big mouth meow, meow, hey here I am. They are so bonded, so close. The tiger one seems to mother the Hello Kitty on all terms, watching out for him, washing him.

Well, over this bad snow, cold winter the black and white came down sick, I grabbed him FAST and set up a cage in the house. Took him to the vet, he was on antibodics. Turns out he is Positive with FeLV. Since I never took care of ferals in my life, this is all new to me and a bit overwhelming. So we now have the black and white kitten (11 months old now) in the house since Feb 14th and on:

Prednisolone (1 pill a day)
Chinese Herbs Immune enhancer (2 caps a day)
EFA vitamin and mineral supplement (1/4 teaspoon mixed with food)
Fellovite II (1/4 teaspoon or lick right from finger, which he does)

I also have the tiger one in the house and he was vaccinated from the FeLV. so hopefully it works, cause I can not separate them at all.

I am also feeding other ferals outside. (The cats must look for house........LOL)

Steroid: Big male black and white, he looks like his ear is tipped
Bobcat: pure black one shows up in the dark, in and out. Has a bunny rabbit tail
V: gray male tiger, who's been missing since Long Island snow storm this Feb
Red: Male just showed up the past 2 weeks, Friendly, but not neurterd

The Mama CAT: caught her in Oct and TNR. She is doing well, and healthy and lives and eats by a women down the block.

Any suggestion would be so helpful!!
thank you

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