Hello Pam,
Yes, they did share everything for 10 years up until a month ago when we
found out that the other one is positive.  That is actually the biggest
mystery - the 2 other cats never got infected.  The doctor did say that we
should test them again every 6 months.


On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 12:20 PM, Pam Norman <pam_nor...@charter.net> wrote:

> Sharon,
> What about grooming?  I would assume that those cats,  having lived
> together for 10 years, would mutually groom.  That's sharing bodily fluids &
> I would think would be potentially harmful to the negative ones.
> Pam
> On 4/15/2011 1:28 PM, Sharon Catalan wrote:
>> Hello Pam,
>> My 3 cats have been living together for 10 years now until my boy-cat was
>> just recently diagnosed with FeLV.  He may have contracted it 2 years ago
>> when he ran outside and got into a fight with another cat.  We had the 2
>> other girl-cats tested and they're both negative.  We had the 2 other
>> girl-cats vaccinated and currently, they are separated.  Doctor said that
>> they can be together 30days after the 2 other cats receive their 2nd shot
>> of
>> FeLV vaccination.  Also, according to our doctor, it should be okay for
>> them
>> to be together again as long as they don't bite/scratch each other or
>> share
>> bodily fluids.  Just keep their feeding stuff completely separate.  My
>> cats
>> never fight with each other although occasionally, the other cat will eat
>> someone's leftover and I think that is the reason that the 2 others cats
>> never contracted it considering that the other one had FeLV for quite some
>> time now.
>> Sharon
>> On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 11:00 AM, Pam Norman<pam_nor...@charter.net>
>>  wrote:
>>  I am trying to determine what to do with Poppy both now&  when the IFA
>>> test
>>> results come in. I've been reading&  reading&  from what I can gather,
>>> the
>>> old dictums about NEVER havinig positive&  negative cats even in the same
>>> house has been abandoned.  From what I have read, the general sense is
>>> that
>>> it's fine for positives&  negatives to be in the same home, but should be
>>> separate so there is no chance of exchanging fluids such as with a bite,
>>> but
>>> more importantly with mutual grooming.   But I know also that some of you
>>> have both positives&  negatives really living together, not separate.
>>> Right?
>>> What about if I put Poppy in her condo in the spare bedroom&  let me cats
>>> visit, so at  least she SEES other cats.  What is she hisses&  spits?
>>>  Would
>>> that have a chance of infecting any of mine who were nosing around her
>>> condo?  My feeling is that it would.
>>> Also how effective is the vaccine these days?  I know that some years ago
>>> the figure was about 30% so I never  had any of my cats vaccinated.  Has
>>> it
>>> been  improved?
>>> Right now we are still waiting for the IFA test for Poppy. And I guess
>>> she
>>> needs retesting on that in at least a month. I do NOT want to keep her
>>> alone
>>> until then.  We  have a sanctuary for her if she tests IFA positive cause
>>> then we know that she is really positive. But the person who runs it
>>> tells
>>>  me that regardless of how she tests on the IFA, she HAS leukemia.
>>> Period.
>>>  And would go in with the positive cats. But my understanding  is that if
>>> she is IFA negative, she has a chance of fighting it off&  putting her in
>>> with the positives is giving up.  I think she should only go in with the
>>> positives if she tests IFA positive.
>>> Can anyone help me sort this out?
>>> Pam
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