Bailey was really very healthy until his last year, he started having teeth problems and we had to pull a lot of his teeth, then he was fine for about 6 months and then stopped eating and became very anemic and lethargic and had constant diarrhea. We did the bone marrow aspirate and they found pre cancer cells so we were pretty sure he was developing cancer somewhere but we couldn't find it. We did ultrasounds, bloodwork but nothing was conclusive. He had a feeding tube because he wouldn't eat anything and I could tell he was uncomfortable when he got fed, I asked my vet if he could possibly have pancreatitis but she said his bloodwork didn't bear that out. I wish I had done the pancreatitis test but I didn't and after he passed 6 months later we did a necropsy and he had pancreatic cancer. If I had done that test when I noticed his eating aversion I may have caught it before it turned into cancer ...

He never got any special food or meds until he got sick, then I gave him things to try and boost his immune system, but Bailey didn't like getting meds so I did only the bare minimum because stress is the worst thing for positives and getting meds was stressful for him. With the feeding tube it was a lot easier and he got more stuff then.

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What a relief to hear! I feel you are so lucky because I don't hear very many stories as yours. I have read that 85% of kitties that test positive on the IFA test, don't live past 3 1/2 yrs. I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy Bailey as long as you did! What meds did you have him on?

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