Good to hear from you and to hear you are doing so well.  You are one strong 

Hang in there…you are right, it gets better in time.

Best of luck to you and best wishes for your efforts to help the critters!




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Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all for your words of encouragements, cards, and donations.

It meant a lot to me during this time of my loss of my husband. It has been 
hard on me because I missed him so much. I'm still grieving but it will get 
better in time. 

Thankfully, I have some money set aside for the regular household finances as 
his Teamster benefits won't kick in for another 3 weels or so.

Your "Donations" will use for cat food, litter, antibiotics, spays/neuters, and 
treats for the kitties in rescue. Regardless of how much you sent whether it 
was $1.00-$100.00 to Tazzy's it is very much appreciated.

Thank you again!


With Love,



Sultan, WA. 98294
Terrie Mohr-Forker
Non-Profit national rescue

Dedicated to the welfare of animals.


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Dear Terrie, 

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss!  Your husband sounded like a lovely person 
and a  real animal lover.  And at sixty-four, he was just too young to go! 

I hope you get many emails from folks who admire your courage and strength in 
keeping on with all the things you do.  You are a very strong person and do so 
much for the animals!  

Maggie Souers 

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