Best wishes to lilac! =^..^=  =^..^=

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So sorry, Sherry!! I will definitely be keeping Lilac in my prayers :0)

Glad that Posey was loved and by such a good human being!

Take Care & keep us posted!
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> Posey was a SWEET beautiful calico that was a lovable beast. She got a 
> VERY short chance at a real home with one of our men volunteers.He calls 
> his house Camp Feleuk. Bless his heart for taking in our precious Sids 
> kids...please keep Poseys sister Lilac in your prayers too.She is not 
> doing the greateast.She too is a Camp Feleuk. All these wonderful babies 
> having their lives cut way too short just breaks my heart. :( Bless you 
> all and thank you for being my support in my time of need.
> Sherry
> "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary
> than our own,
> Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.
> Unable to accept its awful gaps.
> We still would have it no other way"
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