Ilost my romeo to. Lymphoma but he was around 4 when I brought him in after 
feeding him for couple of years. He lived 4 years inside. My Tucson is 12 n 17 
lbs. She was diagnosed felv when 4. I have 3 negs n have mixed 4 years. Thing 
is that this an ancient virus n if if were that deadly, there would be no 
domestic cats. Most cats r never tested -so who knows how many r pos.

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Lynda Wilson <> wrote:

>I'm glad that works for you Beth. I'm just advising of the word of caution, 
>that's all. I'm not paranoid but this disease is very contagious and is the 
>leading viral killer of cats. Vaccination helps tremendously but is not a 
>100% guarantee, just like other vaccines. Even when I am given the ok to get 
>another cat, I will have the kitty vaccinated for added comfort even though 
>it's not 100% guarantee.
>It's better to be safe than sorry. It would be a dream come true to have a 
>cure for this horrible disease.
>Best wishes to each of you and blessings to all the kitties who live with 
>FeLV daily.
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>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Discordant Results (ELISA+/IFA-)
>ALL my negative cats are vaccinated. I have been mixing my cats for over
> 10 years.My vet said if I separated them I would only be stressing them
> out. I vaccinate my negatives every 6 months ON MY VET'S ADVICE. My
>FIV+ cat never even got it & I had him 10 years. I have had as many
>as 5 positives & 5 negatives living freely with each other -
>Grooming, sharing food, water, litter. I have had my negative cats
>re-tested multiple times over the last 10 years & none of them have
>ever gotten the virus.
>Yes, this is a personal choice, & no, I am
> not telling you to do it, but with the proper precautions you do not
>have to be paranoid about FeLV.
>Please search the archives on
>"mixing" to see how other people are handling the situation. I wish you
>& all you kitties well. I know it is scary when you come on
>something you have never dealt with
> before. I had no idea what I was getting into when I got my first
>positive. Within 6 months I had 3 of them (the neighborhood I moved into
> was overrunning with strays). Thank goodness I had such a great vet who
> didn't freak out about this virus & tell me they had to have
>another home or be put down.
>My main goal ever since is to show people they can keep these kitties 
>Don't Litter, Fix Your Critter!
>--- On Thu, 5/12/11, Lynda Wilson <> wrote:
>From: Lynda Wilson <>
>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Discordant Results (ELISA+/IFA-)
>Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 8:38 AM
>You are wise to not bring Grace home in fear of exposing your other cat. You 
>could get your other cat vaccinated for FeLV. However, the FeLV vaccine has 
>only 80% to 85% protection, but it's better than zero. This is one option if 
>nothing else.
>As you know, there is a chance that she clears the virus. It's good that 
>Grace is IFA negative!! This disease is not black & white. There are too 
>many "if's" for me to ever take a chance in mixing positives with negatives. 
>In fact, I'm in the same boat. I adopted a 3 mos. old kitten last year in 
>Sept. He was neutered in Nov & was born with coccidia along with the rest of 
>his litter ( the Humane Society tested him for FeLV the day he was 
>neutered). The HS vet said he was negative. On March 10th of this year I had 
>to put him to sleep. He had a faint positive on the FeLV test. He was not 
>himself the day prior. When I took him in he was anemic, had a heart murmur 
>and his blood oxygen level was very low. My vet said their was a very slim 
>chance that he would survive even with a blood transfusion. He had too many 
>health issues which compromised his immune system.
>I also have a 2 yr old male cat at home that has always been an indoor cat. 
>I never knew of this disease, therefore, he was not vaccinated against it. 
>Having fostered then adopting my HS kitten, my adult cat was probably 
>exposed to this virus for the 6 mos that I had my kitten (of course we don't 
>know exactly when he was shedding the virus). So far, my adult cat, Sugar, 
>has tested ELISA negative. I had Sugar tested the day I put the kitten to 
>sleep, then again 30 days later, and again this month. I'm going to test him 
>next month as well. Since all the ELISA tests have been negative, we did not 
>do an IFA test.
>Every cat's immune system is different. I know people do mix, but I hope at 
>least they are mixing with negatives that have been vaccinated. This is just 
>my opinion. I'm sure that this may work for some, but for newbies like 
>myself experiencing this for the first time, I proceed with much caution. I 
>will not bring home another cat or kitten until I know Sugar is in the 
>clear. He so wants another companion to play with!
>I will keep Grace in my thoughts and prayers and please keep me posted. I 
>hope she clears the virus so that your cat at home has a new purrfect 
>Best wishes and the best of luck to you!!
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