Hello Everyone,
I've been away from the list for a very long time, but of course we always come back when we have a baby in trouble. Hideyo called me and asked if I would contact you to help with research on how to help a friend of her's felv+ Tortie girl name Pistachio.

Pistachio is two years old and before this she's had no symptoms and been very healthy and happy. For the last couple of weeks she's lost weight and recently they found out she was building up fluid in her chest cavity. They removed 100cc of fluid last Friday 13th, it was rather clear. They don't know what's causing (waiting for reports), so right now the only thing she's on is abx (I asked Hideyo which abx, and she said she couldn't remember the name, but had never heard of it before). They don't know what's causing it, but of course because she's felv+ they are just blaming that. After the fluid was removed, she returned to her happy self and began eating and acting normal. She's still okay now, but her breathing is more labored then it would be normally, (faster respiratory rate).

So, here's the question... What do you wonderful experienced people usually suggest first when there is fluid build up? Are there any success stories, or does this usually mean the beginning of the end? Her friend is of course a little panicked and needs help!

Hideyo had wondered about Lasix, but the vet didn't want to use it because something to do with the location of the fluid deposit (she's a little vague about exactly why). Hideyo was thinking Interferon, Imulin, some sort of diuretic herb, Rutin (sp?)... What should they do?

I'm writing for Hideyo and her friend because Hideyo's can not get online until tomorrow at work. Could you please cc any response directly to Hideyo's email address until she can re-join the list?
Thank you guys, bless you and your babies,

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