I hope I will never hve to use it, but Missouri University just established  an 
animal cancer treatment center less than 1 hour from me.  Now, if something 
comes up, it is a shorter drive than going all the way to Columbia.  Nice to 
have something like that so close by.

---- Christiane Biagi <ti...@mindspring.com> wrote: 
> My romeo developed very labored breathing very quickly. Then fluid in lyngs 
> was found n when they analyzed fluid n took xrays, they found lymphoma. Not 
> to asume the same w this cat, but things went very bad w. Romeo very quickly.

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vixen...@verizon.net wrote:

>Hello Everyone,
>I've been away from the list for a very long time, but of course we 
>always come back when we have a baby in trouble.  Hideyo called me and 
>asked if I would contact you to help with research on how to help a 
>friend of her's felv+ Tortie girl name Pistachio.
>Pistachio is two years old and before this she's had no symptoms and 
>been very healthy and happy.  For the last couple of weeks she's lost 
>weight and recently they found out she was building up fluid in her 
>chest cavity.  They removed 100cc of fluid last Friday 13th, it was 
>rather clear.  They don't know what's causing (waiting for reports), so 
>right now the only thing she's on is abx (I asked Hideyo which abx, and 
>she said she couldn't remember the name, but had never heard of it 
>before).  They don't know what's causing it, but of course because she's 
>felv+ they are just blaming that.  After the fluid was removed, she 
>returned to her happy self and began eating and acting normal.  She's 
>still okay now, but her breathing is more labored then it would be 
>normally, (faster respiratory rate).
>So, here's the question...  What do you wonderful experienced people 
>usually suggest first when there is fluid build up?  Are there any 
>success stories, or does this usually mean the beginning of the end?  
>Her friend is of course a little panicked and needs help!
>Hideyo had wondered about Lasix, but the vet didn't want to use it 
>because something to do with the location of the fluid deposit (she's a 
>little vague about exactly why).  Hideyo was thinking Interferon, 
>Imulin, some sort of diuretic herb, Rutin (sp?)...  What should they do?
>I'm writing for Hideyo and her friend because Hideyo's can not get 
>online until tomorrow at work.   Could you please cc any response 
>directly to Hideyo's email address until she can re-join the list?
>Thank you guys, bless you and your babies,
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