Cats hide illness very well. Often they have been sick for quite awhile before 
they let us know it. That's why it is so crucial to keep such a close eye on 
these guys. 
I've never heard of a cat acting sick when 1st infected. Mine usually act 
perfectly healthy for a long time.

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When I first brought Chat Noir into our group he appeared perfectly healthy. It 
wasn't until he suddenly developed swollen lymph glands that he was diagnosed 
as FeLV positive. I figure that he'd had the virus for a while and then it 
suddenly just became active and it acted VERY quickly.  

It sounds like you've done some research on symptoms so just keep an eye out 
for them in your other cats.  As to whether cats get notably sick when first 
infected, or if an asympomatic cat infects another one I don't know. Your vet 
is the best person to answer those questions. 


On May 20, 2011, at 12:49 PM, Debbie Bendell <> wrote:

> I am new to this listserv and couldn't figure out how to reply, so I'm
> posting a new message.
> Thanks for your responses.  I feel a little less stupid and guilty for not
> having every cat tested before it joined my household.  I have many cats and
> the fee for testing is $40, so I can't afford to do them all at once.
> Does a cat get noticeably sick when it's first infected?  Three of my cats
> have been sick enough to need bloodwork since I adopted Tulo, and they all
> tested negative.  If a cat is infected by an asymptomatic carrier, will the
> newly infected cat also be asymptomatic?
> My cats are indoor cats.  There is no possible outside source of infection.
> I am just baffled at how Tulo could go from alive and healthy to very sick
> and dead in one week.  I'm also baffled that no other cats have shown signs
> of illness.
> Debbie
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