My two FeLV boyz were given the IFA test on Monday afternoon., and we were
eagerly awaiting results, although I wasn’t setting myself up for any

Last night, just as I sat down and started giving one of our renal failure
cats her daily fluids, the phone rang: It was my vet, but I couldn’t get to
the phone.  He did not leave a message, and when I called back, hospital was
already closed.  I just got a call from the receptionist….she told me that
the test results were NEGATIVE!!!!!  (Retesting of Sox, a NJ FIV cat, came
back positive again – the poor cat has painful stomatitis!)

For two long years, Eliot was all alone, then I was able to find FeLV
positive Mr. Tux in NJ!  They’ve been together for 1 ½ years.  All our cats
have access to outdoor enclosures…..they did not, and I was desperately
trying to figure out how I could accomplish that.  No need to worry about
that anymore – I will get them into the “general population” with access to
a nice big outdoor enclosure to use as they please!

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