OK, so who says miracles and divine intervention do not exist?  After a couple 
of hours in the very hot sun, I found evidence that maybe VooDoo was alive and 
close by.  Then, I discovered that the police now have a NO trapping policy.  I 
went to my Japanese vet to see if he could find a trap.  He was going to call 
the city on Monday.  So, back to being a little stressed, feeling as though my 
best hope was gone.  

A couple of hours later, a very short, but really hard rain came and I was once 
again concerned because I thought he was hiding in a drain pipe.  As soon as 
the rain ended, I went to the back door and called out asking him to come home. 
 What do you know, he answered me with his crazy, whiny cry.  After a few 
minutes of trying to coax him into the house, I decided that he was either 
trapped or hurt.  I called to him and he continued to call back.  Once I 
located him hiding under a tree, I belly crawled on the wet ground to where he 
was.  I reached under, in the dark, expecting the worst.  However, he let me 
grab him and pull him out.  

So, 48 hours after going missing, my baby is home safe and sound.  We will be 
watching closely for sniffles and signs of fever!

Thank you all for your advice and positive vibes.  I truly believe that they 

Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo

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