What a great tribute to your wonderful husband.  You were fortunate to have 
found each other and share your love for God's creatures.

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LOL....I had to respond to this as well. 
In the early years my late husband was a dog man and tolerated cats. Within 2 
years I converted him into a cat man. Don't get me wrong he still loved dogs 
but like cats better because they were more personable. We are dog owners too. 
Over the course of years he had a few personal kitties. One is still with me. 
He is a 14 year old Balinese named Vinnie.  
When my husband became ill I took Vinnie to the skilled nursing facility to 
visit my late husband before he died. Vinnie also knew when he died too. Which 
spooked me sort of. Vinnie was sleeping then all the sudden woke up, started 
meowing, paced the floor a bit then went back to sleep. Within minutes the 
facility called me and told me my husband had passed away at 4:30 am   
So I know animals have some sort of connection with us humans when they are 
close like these two. When I got to the facility and told my daughter this she 
said she isn't surprised by this. Vinnie and my late husband were very close 
like 2 peas in a pod. My husband always called him his buddy and partner.  
He had also said over the course of the years he wanted to come back as one of 
my cats because they were spoiled and taken care of if it is possible. Whether 
they were rescues or personal kitties. I do know he said he couldn't wait to 
see the original "Taz" that had passed back in 2002. 
Very few men would tolerate or care for the animals I had in rescue over the 
years. He would care for cats and kittens like feeding, doing litter boxes, 
medicate if needed, would clean up hair balls. The one thing that would cracked 
me up is if a cat/kitten puked he would let me know and ask me to look at it or 
inspect to make sure it was okay. This was to make sure it was normal looking. 
The one thing he couldn't deal with was blood from animals. Humans he didn't 
care except for his loved ones. 
He had a great love for animals especially for those that couldn't fend for 
My husband was a one of a kind man and missed greatly by us. 

Thanks for reading felt I needed to let others know from my end.
Sultan, WA. 98294
Terrie Mohr-Forker
Non-Profit national rescue 
Dedicated to the welfare of animals. 

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