My father was not a cat person, but when he became very ill and needed me 
sometimes thru the night he would ring a glass bell we kept by his bed.  
Snuggles went to his room about 3 months before he passed and would not leave 
his bed.  He stayed on the foot and when father rang the bell, he would come 
into my room to get me.  He would wake me if I had not heard the bell and if I 
had, he would walk in front of me and turn ever so often and meow as if to say 
hurry.  The Sunday morning father passed, Snug left his room afterwards and 
never went back.  He passed the next week.  It was as if he had a mission, it 
was completed and now he could go also.  They do know, even better than we do 
when it is time for someone to leave.
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