People just see dollar signs and that is all. We've had several town meetings and I remember a group of elderly people walking through the door asking what do you want me to say when they were approached by reps from the drilling company. They were handed a speech to read and a sticker to wear that read "yes" for gas drilling. It was truly sickening!

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At one time we owned 45 acres of land, and they drilled one of
those gas wells. The noise was horrific, and they used all kinds of
extremely toxic chemicals when they did the fracking. The trucks that
came carrying these chemicals had hazard warning all over them, and
the fracking fluid ruined the water in everyone's springs and wells.
We did not own our mineral rights, so we had to let them drill on our
land, otherwise there's no way we would have let them do it. After
the well was drilled our road was ruined from all the trucks and
heavy equiptment, and the county refused to repair it as it was the
fault of the gas drilling. It was a nightmare, and we had to move to
get away from there.  Now, eleven years later, and 150 miles away,
they are talking about drilling for gas here!  The people around us
are all anxious to have gas wells on their land because they are stupid
enough to think they'll get big bucks. We never got a cent in spite
of all the promises they made us.  Don't ever let them drill on your


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