sad for you.  We will burn a beautiful candle tonight to light
Rafferty's way to the bridge.  I am so sorry for your loss.





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My heart is heavy and hurting tonight,I had to let my beautiful Rafferty go
to the bridge. Raff was my 1st Sids kid that I brought into my heart and
home almost 5 years and 8 months ago. I brought him home just a few seconds
from midnight NYE 2006. He chose me when I was talking to another cat I
heard this pllluuurrp behind me,I turned around and saw this crazy Dr
Seussish looking cat and asked him if he was talking to me...his response "
plllluurrrp....I was hooked he was mine or I was his  :) 

He was also a milkaholic...he would stalk you in the kitchen if you got the
milk out and did not give him of my fav pics of him is the one
with droplets of milk on his beautiful black and white face....I love you
Raff and I am so happy I brought you home and cherish EVERY moment I had
with you,no regrets my baby boy no regrets.....


"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary

than our own,

Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.

Unable to accept its awful gaps.

We still would have it no other way"


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