Please contact me off list about this kitty.

I would love to know exactly what condition is "treatable" and what treatment 
would make him "very infectious" beyond being as infectious as he is now.


From: Kelley Saveika 
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 4:31 PM
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Subject: [Felvtalk] FELV+ Emergency in Austin, TX

Hey folks, got an emergency with a possible FELV+ cat in Austin, Texas.  He's 
had one snap test (and that's with the felv/fiv/heartworm test, which we know 
there are a lot of false +s with).  There is no one to hold him for a 
confirmatory IFA.  

Someone wrote me asking for help, this is her description of him:

"He is slated to be euthanized at 5pm today. This boy is very affectionate, 
loving to be held, petted, scratched, etc. He was even purring while being 
petted at the counter at the vet's office with all the strange scents and 
animal noises going on! 

He's pretty sick at the moment. Vet says he's extremely anemic. That's why he 
hasn't been eating much. And the heat has exacerbated the problem since he's 
been an outdoor cat. Vet also says the condition is treatable, but the 
treatment makes him very infectious. So what he needs is an indoor home either 
in a one-cat household or in a house where all the cats are feline leukemia 

It's breaking my heart because he's such a sweetie. I'm hoping to find someone 
who can provide a home for this baby so he won't have to be euthanized."

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