Did you check to see if any lashes were growing inward toward the eye?  Had one 
with that problem once and it scratched the eye, causing an irritation and 
infection.  Had to constantly keep at that lash.
As to the basement, my Annie came to me with a lot of baggage.  Her owner died 
of cancer and she was locked in her small trailer for 3 weeks with Kathy's 
sister coming once a day to feed, change the box and no real contact.  Then 
when Kathy was satisfied that Annie would have the same care she gave her, she 
passed the next day and Annie was put into a cardboard box and brought to my 
vet.  He called me and I picked her up and brought her to a 2 story house with 
another cat and 2 new people.  When I let her out, she made a madd dash for the 
basement and stayed there for 2 weeks.  I know she came up to eat at night 
because she looked well fed when she did let me get near her.  Then, she was 
all over the house investigating everything.  She is even used to other cats 
now andonly hisses and slaps a few times when a new one comes in.  It was hard 
for her to adjust to not being te only cat with sleeping on th bed privileges 
but now she and Lil Bit will both sleep on the bed at the same time and all is 
peaceful and quiet.
---- Marcia Baronda <marciabmar...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Ughhhh...it just makes me sick..
> Well Fletch is hiding in the basement. He is still eating and drinking
> really well and wants to be petted. I just think he wanted a space of his
> own. He found a little box down there with bubble wrap in it. I'd much
> rather him have a nice comfy blankie, but he picked out his spot. I may try
> later to give him a blanket. His eyes may be the source of his infection,
> but I'm not sure. The eyelashes are continually irritating his eye, even
> though it is covered by a membrane. I always have to clean his eyes out, but
> lately they have been looking a little infected instead of just the usual
> runny teary looking stuff that comes out. they don't smell too hot either. I
> always assumed that it was the eyelashes causing all that. the vet thought
> so also. But maybe with his so called felv, it is gettting out of hand. I
> don't know. I am just trying to keep them clean and keep something in them.
> Well, I hope everyone is OK, and everyones kitties are just dandy!!
> Take care
> Marcia
> On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 8:18 AM, Lorrie <felineres...@frontier.com> wrote:
> > I've heard people proudly announce that their cats are only declawed
> > in the front, and they usually do see proud of it.  Even prouder if
> > they've mutilated the poor cat on all four feet!!  Declawing is cruel
> > and agonizing for the cat and I'd like to take these people and put
> > each finger on a chopping block so they can experience the pain!
> >
> >
> >
> > On 08-27, Natalie wrote:
> >
> > > Some declaw ALL four paws - and others proudly announce "MY cat is
> > declawed
> > > on the front paws only!", as if it were something very admirable.  When I
> > > ask them why they think it's so great, the assumption is that because
> > they
> > > spent extra money on the cat, they did it a great favor....It's just
> > plain
> > > ignorance when people don't know what declawing really does to a cat's
> > > psyche! Everyone should read "The Cat that Cried for Help!" - just the
> > > chapter on the declawing procedure.
> >
> >
> >
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