Lorrie - I'll pack my bags and be right up.  Living on a lake taking care of 
cats sounds awesome.  I'm 45 so hopefully will be around until all your cats 
die!  Give me driving directions!!!  I'm a CPA so can work to keep your cats in 
the lifestyle they're accustomed to living.

Ok, just kidding.  Wish I could take off sometimes.  I've got a lot of cats 
too, but unless something tragic happens hopefully I'll outlive them.  It's 
scary to think about the future though because you just don't know what will 
happen and when.

I've missed a lot of this thread so I might have missed something but if you're 
78, then you could still outlive your cats.  My Grandmother is 92 and lives in 
a small apartment on her own.  Best to make plans now of course but by the time 
you're gone who knows what the situation will be.

Tell your kids that you're leaving your house and money to them so between the 
three of them they could make room for all the cats!  Fifteen cats split three 
ways is no big deal.  Cats are pretty easy.  Tell them they could close in 
their garage or build an extra room with your money and then enclose an area of 
their yard for the cats to go in and that's all the cats would need.  Tell them 
if they don't you're writing them out of your will!

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> On 09-08, Gloria Lane wrote:

> I'm kindly pondering how to do that. Any web sites that address
> that I wonder?

There are many cat sanctuaries listed on the web, but most are full.
Then too, many fail and become like hoarding places because they take
in too many cats to care for properly.  It is truly difficult to find
a good sanctuary, but I'll keep trying. If I knew who would take care
of my 15 cats I'd give them my house which is a lovely home in a
resort area on a lake.  It has been built around the needs of my
cats, and has three outside enclosures they can access from the
inside via cat flaps.  It is also in the woods on several acres 
with no traffic. It is a paradise for my cats, and I just wish
someone could let them continue the happy life they know and love.
I will not go to my grave and be at peace until I know my babies
are taken care of.

> On Sep 8, 2011, at 8:00 AM, MaiMaiPG <maima...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've provided for the care of my critters (dogs and cats and
> > whatever may show up) in my will.  Everything is in trust to be
> > used for their care until they all leave this world.


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