I haven't read all the literature or watched the videos about his place but I 
was under the impression that it is set up to be a sanctuary not a rescue or 
shelter type situation.  Most of his cats weren't pets but homeless cats that 
were living on the streets anyway.  So his place is probably better than living 
on the street.  Probably also has ferals that were at a pound ready to be 
executed because they're not adoptable.  He also takes in ferals that can no 
longer live at the colony location.

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I thought about this too, but he might not let me bring them in the house 
because I felt guilty leaving them outside.

---- Marcia Baronda <marciabmar...@gmail.com> wrote: 
> This man has put a lot of time and effort into this! This is a wonderful 
> heartfelt endeavor. He must really love his cats. They certainly look healthy 
> to me. I applaud him! I may just marry him(-:

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> Check out the video in Atia's message.  I did and when I was viewing his 
> video, I checked out another from a girl who had pictures that suggested it 
> was not so good.  It was good that they get food and have houses to sleep in 
> and it is fenced, but just with a normal cyclone fence that cats and coyotes 
> cold easily get over.  And with that many cats and not much help in the 
> caring department, it is hard to see how he could keep up with who is 
> sick,hurt.  His video also said he bears most of the cost with some donations 
> to help.  I also worry about who will take over when he dies since he doesn't 
> look like a youngster.  Does he have provisions for continuing care of the 
> cats.  Also, if people take their pets to him expecting them to get the same 
> care they gave them, would they?  My guys go outside for 2 or 3 hour in the 
> day but they are inside at night and bad weather days.  The are used to 
> sleeping on my memory foam bed and me.  I do not think they would be happy 
> there.
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>> Seems like I read the woman in CA does have her property fenced in.  She 
>> doesn't actually have as much acreage as this other guy.  She has a staff of 
>> like 25 people.  I never heard that about the other guy so who knows if his 
>> property is fenced in.  But it seems like he takes in ferals and homeless 
>> cats who have absolutely nowhere else to go so even if it isn't an ideal 
>> home situation those cats are a lot better off with him.
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>>> Isn't that in Florida?  All little houses; but how does one keep track of 
>>> them out there, and so many, how can he know who's sick?  Don't they get 
>>> out?  Is it all fenced in?  I had so many questions when I saw the video....
>>> Man builds cat-sized village for homeless cats: 
>>> http://green.yahoo.com/blog/guest_bloggers/69/man-builds-cat-sized-village-for-homeless-cats.html
>>>  . 
>>> There's also a woman in CA, I think, who has 600 cats - looks like a great 
>>> place.
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>>> I could sell my place and move there.  I only have 7 cats and if they dn't 
>>> get alog well with yours, I could build them an outdoor day time house.  At 
>>> night they could sleep in my bedroom like they do now.  I wouldn't mind 
>>> takin on a few more cats.  Or waht about this guy in Oregon who bought 600 
>>> acres of an old tree farm.  He takes in strays, unwanteds and lets the roam 
>>> the 600 acres.  He builds all kinds of houses for them to sleep in and 
>>> spends the day checking up on them and giving each one some loving.
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