My kitten was diagnosed at around 8 weeks.  He had a few minor health issues at 
the time and I had him treated several times with antibiotics.  Since then he 
has had no obvious health issues.  He is now a year old.  I have never used any 
kind of supplements.  My treatment has been lots of love, trying to give 
somewhat healthy food (my options are limited) and making certain he remains 

 I have another FeLV cat that was diagnosed with lymphoma at 13 months, which 
led to discovering the FeLV.  I can't be certain, but the kitten may have 
become exposed due to my carelessness in allowing him to interact with my other 
cat too soon.  That being said, all of the signs were there and it is quite 
possible he was born with it.  I did not bother with follow-up testing because 
it would not have affected my treatment of the kitty.  

There are many treatments designed to prolong their lives.  However, my babies 
are too clever to trick by putting things in their food, water or treats.  You 
would think I was committing murder when pilling and I think injections would 
put them both over the edge!

Bottom line, I have two seemingly healthy FeLV cats, one who receives monthly 
treatments for cancer.  Both are quite playful, appear perfectly healthy and 
are completely loving life.  

There is a vast amount of experience with this group.  Many will give you 
varying opinions.  Most mix older vaccinated cats with FeLV kitties.  My 
experience and dread that I might have made VooDoo sick by exposing him too 
soon is probably an exception to the rule!

However, just know that your baby can live a long life!  Even as a college 
student on a limited budget, you can care for him and love him to keep him 

Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
On Sep 14, 2011, at 3:26 PM, Anna Yeutter wrote:

> My previous foster baby (and now adopted baby, after a couple weeks absence) 
> who was found when he was two weeks old in a Costco parking lot and who I 
> bottle fed and fostered from when he was three weeks old, went in for his 
> first vet visit today. The first thing the vet did was do the FeLV/FIV snap 
> combo test after drawing some blood (oh boy Jean-Luc screamed and even 
> growled).
> He walked back in later and showed me the kit with the blue dot at the top 
> and the slight positive result for FeLV. I made another appointment to bring 
> him in in three weeks to check again, but walked away feeling very negative 
> (the vet made me feel like he was doomed). As of this moment, Jean-Luc has 
> been doing well, gaining weight, playing actively and eating normally.
> I was going to have my parents bring my 11 year old cat up to live with me as 
> well on Saturday (I'm a college student and just recently moved off campus 
> into a pet-friendly apartment), but of course that has been put on hold. This 
> means Jean-Luc is a very spoiled only-kitten, getting lots of love.
> I've tried to do some reading but it is so overwhelming and I'm exhausted 
> from reading all the conflicting opinions. I would love to hear from some 
> other people. 
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