Did you mean FIV?  

Although the FIP, does as well - because it's a corona virus,  much the same
as a common cold.


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Hi Anna!


Glad to have you aboard.  I would make sure your older cat is vaccinated
against FeLV before having them together.  Even though the vaccine is 80%
effective, it's better than no protection at all.  The vaccine has to be
given in two doses, 3 weeks apart (so don't expose your older cat to the
kitten until after the 2nd shot).  I know FeLV mostly effects kittens and
senior cats.  With that said, there is still a chance the kitten can fight
off the virus.  I would wait till he's at least 3 mos old and test him
again. If he's positive on the ELISA test, then do an IFA as well. The IFA
will indicate whether it is in the bone marrow. The IFA test has to be sent
out to a lab.  Once the IFA is positive, then generally the cat is positive
for life.  Please keep in mind that the ELISA test can have false positives
so you still have hope. Either way though, please get your older kitty the


I hope this helps.  I hate this disease and all the if's and but's that go
with it!



**NOTE**  Never get a cat/kitten vaccinated against FIP, or it will be
positive for FIP for life whether it has it or not!



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My previous foster baby (and now adopted baby, after a couple weeks absence)
who was found when he was two weeks old in a Costco parking lot and who I
bottle fed and fostered from when he was three weeks old, went in for his
first vet visit today. The first thing the vet did was do the FeLV/FIV snap
combo test after drawing some blood (oh boy Jean-Luc screamed and even

He walked back in later and showed me the kit with the blue dot at the top
and the slight positive result for FeLV. I made another appointment to bring
him in in three weeks to check again, but walked away feeling very negative
(the vet made me feel like he was doomed). As of this moment, Jean-Luc has
been doing well, gaining weight, playing actively and eating normally.

I was going to have my parents bring my 11 year old cat up to live with me
as well on Saturday (I'm a college student and just recently moved off
campus into a pet-friendly apartment), but of course that has been put on
hold. This means Jean-Luc is a very spoiled only-kitten, getting lots of

I've tried to do some reading but it is so overwhelming and I'm exhausted
from reading all the conflicting opinions. I would love to hear from some
other people. 


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