That’s a hard one to answer……I think people seem to be more angry, less in 
control over their own lives, and that’s when they tend to be more cruel, 
showing their power over helpless people and animals! On the other hand, 
crazies have always been around, but we didn’t hear of the atrocities as 
quickly, if ever, thanks to cyberspace.

At least with laws, whether they actually stop the horrible things from 
happening or not, one can at least try to prosecute…..without them, one 
couldn’t even try.


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You know, sometimes it seems we are progressing because of all the animal 
welfare movements and all the laws to protect animals.  There are more and more 
people learning about abuse and taking a stand against it which is very 
encouraging.  Yet it seems that in the past it was just plain common sense, 
decency, and compassion that kept us from needing so many of those laws to 
protect the animals.  Sometimes I can't tell if people are getting worse or 
better regarding the treatment of animals.

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---- Bonnie Hogue <> wrote: 
> Who is it the said you can tell a lot about a society by how people in it
> treat animals.  Such disgusting cruelty.  If there is reincarnation, guess
> who's going to be the prey in their next life?  Maybe that way, they will
> learn a modicum of compassion.and slowly it will change.
> ~b.
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> So do Canada geese (mate for life).  We live on a pond, and they spend a lot
> of time here.  We feed them, so they don't go on neighbors' properties,
> bothering them.  We actually recognize them every year because of certain
> markings, etc.  When one  loses a mate, they stay alone.  I'm not sure if
> they ever find another life-mate or not.
> I used to go to the Hegins (PA) Pigeon Shoots to protest.  It was sick.
> Families having picnics, while their "menfolk" shot at pigeons that had been
> confined without food and water in dark little traps for days- they were
> released, totally disoriented, in sudden bright sdaylight. They could hardly
> fly up, they were so weak.  Then these brave men would take potshots at
> them.  Some injured pigeons were able to fly off, land on roofs and fields,
> dying a slow death.  Others fell right down, flopping on the ground until
> teen boys nonchalantly sauntered over to them, swung them by their necks,
> either broke their necks, or ripped their heads off. One kid threw a
> decapitated pigeon at me.  We had a tent set up with volunteer veterinarians
> and wildlife rehabbers to treat the injured birds or euthanize them
> humanely.
> It was like in Roman times, a bunch of degenerate, bored, and blood lusty
> people amusing themselves.
> Hegins Pigeon Shoot is no more, but there are still others!
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> doves mate for life...that's what is so sad. another thing that is sad is
> people with guns chugging down the booze. No laws to protect anything from
> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 10:51 PM, Georgetta Brickey <>
> wrote:
> Your posts reminded me of something that happened 40+ years ago on our
> family farm in Central California... during dove hunting season.
> We did not allow hunters on our property, but when dying doves fell in our
> fields and pastures after being shot nearby, hunters would climb over our
> fences to retrieve the bloody bodies.  One afternoon the shotgun pellets

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