I hav never run into anything like this, but will offer y prayers for both of 

---- Marta Gasper <marta.gas...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I knew this list was someplace but couldn't find it..now I've.
> I live in Nebraska and do cat rescue and TNR..the first time I came accross 
> the disease was last Fall when a feral that I had relocated to my backyard 
> became seriouly ill and tested FeLV+. She was euthanized two weeks later 
> because had gone blind and was in terrible pain(uveitis etc)
> Then not yet a month ago I brought back a cat that a friend had taken from an 
> abusive home a year ago at which time he had a broken leg but otherwise was 
> very well..or seemed to.
> She couldn't care for her cats anymore so I brought Tiger to my house, he is 
> FeLV+ and a shadow of what he was a year ago, looks like he's on the end 
> stage, very emaciated, skin issues, difficulty swallowing sometimes, 
> diahrrea, sores around eyes.
> He is a happy cat though, eats like a horse, wants to play but between his 
> bad leg and anemia sometimes he falls down.
> There were other FeLV+ cats in the house and some died shortly after the 
> original owners took them back.
> My question; is there an strain that can kill a cat in a year or so? They 
> were all snap tested only, except one that had a PCR and it came back 
> positive, some tested negative but looked sick so they'll retest.
> I don't want to rush anything for Tiger unless he's in pain and he doesn't 
> seem to be, should I PCR him? He has an URI and had coccidia so was medicated 
> for it, had fleas but I can't find anymore fleas or flea dirt. I'm not 
> spraying or putting topicals on him b/c of his sores and  little scabs all 
> over that sometimes bleed.
> I'd appreciate any comments..thank-you and happy to be on the list
> Marta
> http://homelessnomore.webs.com/

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