Hope your kittens are doing ok, FIP is horrible to deal with.
Tiger is 5 years old, he'll get a PCR and other tests. I didn't check further 
than the snap and a fecal just assuming that all would be FeLV related but you 
are right better to take care of secondary infections


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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] FeLV fast advancing strain?
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Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 8:32 PM

Hi, Marta,
My two cents is that, just because the kitty is tested positive for Felk, you 
may not want to assume that it is the felk virus that is going the symptoms.
As you know, Felk kittens have weakened immue system, so they are very 
susceptive to different type of illness, infections, cancers... etc...
Have they run for chemistry panel on him?  Does he have regenerative or non 
regenerative anemia?  any parasites?
I have a few felk kitens myself - one of the kittens developed uevitis, and 
another kittehn started having a diffuclty breathing,, I thought uevitis was 
from felk virus, and diffculty breathing was from medistinal lymphma (fluid 
build up in the chest caviity) as it's very common among young felk kittens 
--but in stead, I found out that what they have if FIP - I am very much 
devastated... right now, clinically they are doing well - they are on LTCI, 
alpah interferon right now.. and  I am taking one day at atime..
I hope your kitty gets better.

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 13:22:09 -0700
From: marta.gas...@yahoo.com
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Subject: [Felvtalk] FeLV fast advancing strain?

I knew this list was someplace but couldn't find it..now I've.
I live in Nebraska and do cat rescue and TNR..the first time I came accross the 
disease was last Fall when a feral that I had relocated to my backyard became 
seriouly ill and tested FeLV+. She was euthanized two weeks later because had 
gone blind and was in terrible pain(uveitis etc)
Then not yet a month ago I brought back a cat that a friend had taken from an 
abusive home a year ago at which time he had a broken leg but otherwise was 
very well..or seemed to.
She couldn't care for her cats anymore so I brought Tiger to my house, he is 
FeLV+ and a shadow of what he was a year ago, looks like he's on the end stage, 
very emaciated, skin issues, difficulty swallowing sometimes, diahrrea, sores 
around eyes.
He is a happy cat though, eats like a horse, wants to play but between his bad 
leg and anemia sometimes he falls down.
There were other FeLV+ cats in the house and some died shortly after the 
original owners took them back.
My question; is there an strain that can kill a cat in a year or so? They were 
all snap tested only, except one that had a PCR and it came back positive, some 
tested negative but looked sick so they'll retest.
I don't want to rush anything for Tiger unless he's in pain and he doesn't seem 
to be, should I PCR him? He has an URI and had coccidia so was medicated for 
it, had fleas but I can't find anymore fleas or flea dirt. I'm not spraying or 
putting topicals on him b/c of his sores and  little scabs all over that 
sometimes bleed.
I'd appreciate any comments..thank-you and happy to be on the list

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