Goodnight, sweet Autumn.......

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  My cat Autumn died last night due to complications arising from Feline 
Leukemia. She was four years old. In her short life she was a joy to us, a 
beautiful, highly intelligent little cat. I can't believe she's gone. I had 
almost fooled myself into believing that I might get to keep her for a very 
long time, but the disease won. We are grief-stricken.  I joined this list in 
2007 after searching everywhere for information and support for FELV owners. 
I'm so glad it exists. I've drawn a lot of support and knowledge over the years 
- even when just lurking. I just wanted to add Autumn to the list. She was 
precious, loved to cuddle, watch Baby Einstein and steal pizza. My home will be 
so empty without her. I love you, baby girl. 
  ~Susan Ang
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