Weakness in the rear legs can also be a sign of chronic renal failure. 
Especially at that age.

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> I really appreciate everyone who responded to my post.  It makes me feel a 
> bit more secure knowing there are others rooting for our success.
> I think that my keeping Buster on prednisolone is a requirement since he has 
> been on it for so long.  I am sure it has compromised his adrenals and that 
> without pred, he will have Cushings (or maybe Addison's).
> Beth - Buster did have blood work done, in 2009, and it was all fine.  ELISA 
> was negative.  Before I took in this older cat (her guardian died and the 
> rescue group was unable to find anyone to take her), I asked to have the cat 
> tested.  I have 2 other, indoor only, cats and I wanted to make sure that I 
> didn't bring disease into the house.  I was told that the new cat tested 
> negative for FIP and FeLV.  I do trust the woman who asked me to take in the 
> older kitty, but I have no paperwork to verify.
> Although Buster lived amicably with my 2nd cat, she hated the new cat.  The 
> new cat caused Buster a lot of stress.  I tried everything, Rescue Remedy, 
> Feliway etc.  Finally, after about a year, things settled down.  I never saw 
> any wounds, on either cat, but I know there were 'minor' fights as I found 
> tufts of hair around (including once or twice hanging out of Buster's mouth!) 
>  They still hiss, but mostly try to stay out of one another's way
> My vet didn't want to give me the prednisolone, but I was frantic, unable to 
> pay for any more investigative work, and wanted my cat well.  I live over 90 
> miles, one way, from my (any) vet, and I think she gave me the pred. out of 
> kindness.  Regardless of good or bad, Buster has been on 5mg for 2 years.
> I don't think Buster has stomatitis now, although eating does appear painful 
> at times.  Back in 2010, the vet did extract a couple of teeth.  And, a 
> tooth, or two just disintegrated when she was cleaning his teeth.  Last time 
> he was under (2010) she said his throat appeared inflamed, but I do pill him 
> everyday and I am sure that caused that inflammation
> He doesn't eat a lot, and he eats small amounts many, many, many times 
> throughout the day.  Occasionally, he does stop eating and I need to syringe 
> food.  He doesn't/can't eat dry food any more.
> I will look at his gums tomorrow.
> Marta, I agree and appreciate your thoughts 'it is what it is'.  I am trying 
> my best, by myself, to keep Buster alive.  At this point, my focus is only to 
> keep him happy, comfortable and with me.  I finally realized, he won't get 
> well.  I do think he wants to stay alive.  Although failing, he sits with me, 
> sleeps with me, communicates with me etc.  He does have muscle weakness in 
> the back end.  He can't sit to groom without falling.  
> One odd thing, that I have never been able to figure out, is when he sits, 
> his bottom doesn't touch the floor?????  And, now,  to lay down he has to 
> kinda settle himself carefully.  Something is hurting I am sure.
> Not sure why this 'phone vet' thought FeLV except for the inappetance.  But, 
> when I looked at the Cornell site, Buster had more than half the symptoms.  I 
> do know that these are common symptoms for many illnesses.
> Maybe he doesn't have FeLV, and maybe he does.....  It's a great comfort to 
> me to have a sounding board and to hear how others are treating their kitties.
> Buster has just begun sneezing, just a bit, but no blood.
> In general, how long do FeLV cats live without Interferon etc?  Can they be 
> kept alive with the right drugs, or 3 years is pretty much it, plus or minus?
> Thanks!
> PS  All my cats share common food and water bowls and litter box.
> debbie
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