There is always so much going on with us and our beloveds plus comings & 
I hesitate to interrupt but this is important to me  - - to us.
Pookashay was diagnosed with heart murmur in May 2010.  Nothing was said re:  
need for med.  Different vet listened to in spring 2011.  Nothing was said re:  
murmur.  Now same vet hears and wants to put on meds; wants work-up.  In what 
circumstances would you put on meds?
Meaow is cat abandoned at TS which had abscess under jaw in October.  had 
treated; then neutered about 2 weeks later.  now has intermittent fresh blood 
in stool.  stools are small & dark.  no problems before.  vet found no coccidia 
or worms in stool sample.  again vet wants to put on meds.   feed canned food.  
he wants to own me but keep caged in bedroom because SPCA accepted him for 
their waiting list.  fe leukemia cats are in main part of small apartment.   
comments?  he is negative; has been vaccinated.  a fighter & biter who is also 
very sweet.
finally, Yahmuna is FIV cat which came to my door very, very sick last 
Thanksgiving.   SPCA accepted her in July for adoption center placement.  went 
to see her yesterday.  very, very congested.  on antibiotics.  she is their cat 
thank you.
czadna, Mama & Scrumptious & Luscious and Pookashay & Shallie Marie & Harold & 
James (and Meaow and Piedy Sven and Hope & Rasha Boo and Lila Bea - all on SPCA 
waiting list)

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