Heart murmurs can get worse with time. They might not require meds at first but 
may later. Usually they have you go for an echocardiogram. My cat was on 5 
pills per day. I believe there is a Yahoo group for cats with this condition. 
They may be more helpful than this list.

czadna sacarawicz <czadnasacaraw...@hotmail.com> wrote:

>There is always so much going on with us and our beloveds plus comings & 
>I hesitate to interrupt but this is important to me  - - to us.
>Pookashay was diagnosed with heart murmur in May 2010.  Nothing was said re:  
>need for med.  Different vet listened to in spring 2011.  Nothing was said re: 
> murmur.  Now same vet hears and wants to put on meds; wants work-up.  In what 
>circumstances would you put on meds?
>Meaow is cat abandoned at TS which had abscess under jaw in October.  had 
>treated; then neutered about 2 weeks later.  now has intermittent fresh blood 
>in stool.  stools are small & dark.  no problems before.  vet found no 
>coccidia or worms in stool sample.  again vet wants to put on meds.   feed 
>canned food.  he wants to own me but keep caged in bedroom because SPCA 
>accepted him for their waiting list.  fe leukemia cats are in main part of 
>small apartment.   comments?  he is negative; has been vaccinated.  a fighter 
>& biter who is also very sweet.
>finally, Yahmuna is FIV cat which came to my door very, very sick last 
>Thanksgiving.   SPCA accepted her in July for adoption center placement.  went 
>to see her yesterday.  very, very congested.  on antibiotics.  she is their 
>cat now.  HOW CAN I HELP HER?
>thank you.
>czadna, Mama & Scrumptious & Luscious and Pookashay & Shallie Marie & Harold & 
>James (and Meaow and Piedy Sven and Hope & Rasha Boo and Lila Bea - all on 
>SPCA waiting list)
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