There is a difference between leukemia and Feline Leukemia Virus; which did
Daisy have? I've had cats with either one. 


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Hi there. I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.  I am a huge
cat lover.  I volunteer at an animal sanctuary and take care of the cats
there as well.  I have extensive knowledge of diabetes and CRF, but leukemia
is new to me.   


About a month ago, I noticed that my 4 year old Siamese mix, Daisy, was
feeling a bit "off" so we ran some blood work and she came back severely
anemic. I rushed her into the ER, where she stayed for three days and had
two blood transfusions and put on various types of meds.  Unfortunately, her
body just gave out and my cat sitter, who works with my vet, called me when
I was out of town with my dad in the hospital, and said that they thought it
was Daisy's time.  We believe that she had leukemia.  She was vaccinated,
but perhaps it was dormant until recently. (Dad's ok).


I have three other cats of my own and had them tested and subsequently
vaccinated.  My 6 year old Siamese, Oliver, tested positive after having the
ELISA and IFA tests.  I want to see what I can do to help give him a good
quality of life.  I am checking out this website and look forward to gaining
the knowledge I need to.  My vet and I were talking about interferon, omega
fatty 3's, pet-tinic, etc.  He is used to me doing my own research as I
reversed the CRF and diabetes with an older cat who passed of liver failure,
mainly by seeing what "real people" did to help their cats. 


I also have three foster cats, who live in their own room, and they tested
negative and were also vaccinated.


I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts, and of course, pouring over
the website.






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