Hi, I am new to this list.

I've just found out that a stray cat I've been looking after is FeLV+.  She
is an adorable, petite young female (1-2 years old) that I've named
"Munchkin" who is spayed, and otherwise healthy.  The most special thing
about her is that she LOVES other cats. She chases after them and tries to
play with them, and jumps up onto window ledges wherever she sees a cat
sitting in a window.  When I let her into my home, she ran straight to my
sleeping cat and snuggled in next to him.  I don't think she would be
immediately friendly to other people since it took her awhile to trust me,
but she now purrs and sleeps in my lap.

She would make a wonderful companion for another FeLV+ cat.  I cannot keep
her because my cat is FeLV-negative and unvaccinated.

I am lucky to have found a cat rescue to take her in on Monday, but she
will be confined separate from other cats, and this makes me sad for her.
 Is there anyone who wants her?  I'm in the Bay Area, California, and could
drive her to you.  Either before or after Monday (I'm sure I could get her
back from her new lodgings, but would rather not put her through more than
one move).


She is very cute!
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