Sending you both good thoughts.  I am new at this.  Holly

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I just read all of your threads. I wish you and Kiss's the best of luck too! I 
sure hope he feels better soon!
Thanks for the update!
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So the vet prescribed Azithromycin, Clavamox, and   Inteferon to start, with a 
Sub-Q Ringers Lactate with B-Vitamins   added.Yesterday he ate despite having 
all those drugs, but he had a bad night   last night (fainted and scared 
himself) and today he's being cranky. I was   able to get his meds down him 
today, and feeding him in small meals whenever   he will take them. 
I'm guessing getting through the first three days   will be the toughest. Per 
the vet we'll see if he's responding well by then.   So far it's been 
Wish us luck!
Amanda Vollaro

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