First -- I'm sorry you had to find us, but I'm glad you're here.

Please try to remain as calm as possible and don't panic.  Ginger will pick up 
on that -- he might get stressed out if you're freaking out and that won't help 
him.  (((((hugs)))))

Only you can decide if it's time to let him go.  No one can make that decision 
for you -- you and Ginger kitty have to decide that.  If he's ready to go, you 
will know.

Try something smelly -- anchovy paste maybe.....the juice from a can of 
tuna......see if he will take that.  If he continues to refuse food, he could 
get worse.  More than 72 hours without food and the damage could be 

My very first experience with FeLV: my cat was diagnosed on 10/25/1999 and I 
had to put her to sleep the very next day.  That's how I came to find this 
list.  She was so sick with the anemia that to keep her alive would have been 
cruel.  But some cats pull out of it -- some don't.  Depends on the cat.  My 
one FeLV+ cat lived to be 9-1/2 years old.  So some of them have a good life.  
I don't give up on them until the kitty tells me that they are tired and are 
ready to go.  If you think Ginger wants to fight, then give him the chance.

We have ALL been where you are.  This is an ugly disease.

Hoping with you that Ginger pulls out of this....

=^..^= Terri, Siggie the Tomato Vampire, Guinevere, Travis, Dori, Kimiko and 6 
            Ruthie, Samantha, Arielle, Gareth, Alec, Salome and Sammi =^..^=

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  My vet ordered Interferon and Cyproheptadine. The vet suspects leukemia is 
already in  kitty's bone marrow. Ginger kitty refuses to eat his food but tried 
to eat his cat litter last night. What should I do? Euthanasia? I can't see my 
darling suffer like this! Marinda 
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