And how about some immune system builders, like colostrum, etc.

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> Marcia, thanks for both suggestions. Yes, L-Form Bacteriaseems to be what 
> they were describing. Some round, others blown-up, and some hairy. "The 
> Marshall Plan" might be viable, if only I could find a clear-cut explanation 
> of it. I'm guessing it's a thorough approach using all fresh food, no 
> glutens, etc. I'm interested in colliodal silver, although it sounds good in 
> the petri-dish, I'm not so sure it'd be good for a cat. Anyone else using it? 
> What's the dosage?
> Ah - and the bird stuff? Awesome. They also have sulfas and all forms of 
> antibiotics available, it's just they're "for the birds". *chuckle*
> I still have some fish-erythro that I purchased over a year ago, before they 
> started yanking them off the pet store walls. It seems too many people 
> figured it out. Glad they haven't gotten wind of the bird stuff. I'm going to 
> stock up. Sulfa powder is exceptional for little scrapes that kitties get on 
> legs and paws, and it's good for humans, too. Saved my hand after I was 
> bitten by a german shepherd pup.
> Thank you for your incredible kindness!
> Amanda Vollaro
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> I don't know why your veterinarian did that. It's always been my 
> understanding that tetracyclines are the only treatment for mycoplasma.   I'd 
> google the hell out of that one. And I'm very sorry. I'd either get another 
> vet or get my own Doxycycline, Bird Biotic by Thomas Labs. 
> Very sorry for your loss,
> Marcia
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