There's a lot 
of info on FIP diagnosing, but I'm sure that the vet based his opinion on many 
things described in this little piece, also depending on what type (wet/dry) it 
is.  And, yes, it IS a  corona virus, which all cats have had at some time,  
and the nose drop vaccine given to a cat can also fool a vet about the 
diagnosis (I doubt, though, that a rescue cat would have had it).

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Maybe she meant FIV?

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Lee Evans <> wrote:

>There is no reliable test for FIP.  Your cat tested positive for corona 
>virus.  Most cats will test positive for corona virus and never get 
>ill.  FIP is caused by a form of corona virus to which some cats are 
>genetically predisposed to contract if exposed to it.  FIP is not rare 
>but it's definitely not very prevalent.  I have had cats who tested 
>above 400 for corona virus and never got FIP and a cat who definitely 
>had FIP but tested very low for corona virus.  He had apparently been 
>exposed to the form that he was predisposed to contract.  He was also a 
>street cat, in poor health in general.  Lee

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