No - don't give up on him.  It's too early to make any decisions.  Just because 
the vet did one blood test that said he was FeLV positive that does not mean he 
will stay that way.  The test they do in the office is a first step.  An 
indicator that further testing is required.  That's all.  The vomiting could be 
from a lot of different things and isn't necessarily related to the FeLV.  

The test they do in the office can show a false positive - in other words, the 
test could be wrong.  That does happen in a small percentage of cases.  Those 
test are sensitive and can show incorrect results if not handled correctly.  
But, assuming the test is showing correct results then there are still other 
things to look at before making any decisions.  There is a possibility that the 
cat can extinguish the virus.  A percentage of cats that get the virus are 
actually able to get rid of it.  A second test called an IFA test will show 
whether the virus has progressed to the point of no return.  If that test is 
negative then the cat still has a chance to get rid of the virus so you should 
wait a couple months or so and re-test.  If that test is positive then it's not 
likely the cat will be able to get rid of the virus so you don't need to do any 
further testing.

But no matter what the test results are it doesn't mean you have to put him 
down.  You can put him down when he's suffering and there's no relief for him.  
Euthanasia is about ending pain that cannot be treated, not ending a life 
because of what could or could not happen in the future.  You just need to take 
care of him and treat his symptoms and who knows when his time will come.  Like 
I said above, the vomiting might not even be related to FeLV.  Lots of cats 
vomit for lots of different reasons.  Now you do need to figure what's wrong 
and fix it because you don't want him to become dehydrated from all the 
vomiting.  You tell that vet to figure out what's wrong and don't just assume 
he's throwing up because he has FeLV.

I'll let others chime in but don't give up yet.  Get him over this sickness and 
just treat him whenever he gets sick but don't assume he's going to die anytime 
one little thing goes wrong.  Many cats with FeLV can live several years.  I've 
heard of 8, 9 and 10 year olds that are still kicking.  Actually there are some 
that go into their teens.  If a cat contracts FeLV when it's a kitten then they 
don't do as well and many of them will die within the first 3 years.  Not all, 
but a good bit.  But adults seem to be able to deal with it for a long time.

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are 
profitable to the human race or doesn’t….the pain which it inflicts upon 
unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me 
sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.” – Mark Twain

Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 19:34:48 -0800
Subject: [Felvtalk] (no subject)

i have a male cat bout three yrs old whom recently gotten sick he started 
vomininting on the second day i took him to the vet they said he had felv an 
that there was nothin they could do he has no fever,he weights 8 pound. just 
throwing up they say i will have to put him down or will soon have to burry 
him;( im not sure what to do i share my lil buddy with four kids what do i do 
do i have to give up on him????? im not ready to let him go do u have advice 
for me???? thank you tina an kids
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