I agree with Beth - change vets immediately..this vet ought to be

If the cat has a fever, and it's also FeLV+, he needs antibiotics and
vitamin supplements in injection form ASAP!!!! If the cat is vomiting, it
could be many, many things.get another vet, because yours doesn't seem to
know anything.what would he do with the same symptoms if the cat were NOT

My vet is just treating our feral FIV+ cat that has a huge abscess on his
ear, and he's getting injectable antibiotics right now, as well as having
his ear treated. 



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Take him to another vet ASAP. He may have a treatable condition, not related
to FeLV. Is he lethargic? Are his gums pink? Sounds like they looked at
nothing once the saw he was positive. I've had many positives with various
illnesses that they have gotten over because I had a vet that looked past
the FeLV status.


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i have a male cat bout three yrs old whom recently gotten sick he started
vomininting on the second day i took him to the vet they said he had felv an
that there was nothin they could do he has no fever,he weights 8 pound. just
throwing up they say i will have to put him down or will soon have to burry
him;( im not sure what to do i share my lil buddy with four kids what do i
do do i have to give up on him????? im not ready to let him go do u have
advice for me???? thank you tina an kids

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