Yes, getting another kitty is not betrayal at all as others have said. I do 
rescue and some pass unfortunatly; when I rescue another I'm doing it in the 
name of the one that died. Many rescues that died are a lesson, either 
diseases, people, etc but I feel the kitty died in vain if I don't save another 
with the new knowledge I've._I agree completly it is sad hearing other people 
saying that after their late pet they won't get another one. I understand how 
they feel but I've the small thought that one of the reasons is to save 
themselves the pain of losing a pet, somehow it sounds like the pet died so 
this person won't adopt again.
Maybe I'm too judgamental(sp) any case when you adopt another, Ginger will 
be happy, it is never an insult to her memory.

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It's been a few weeks since we lost our ginger kitty. I am still so sad about 
my darling! Do you think I should get another kitty so soon after his death? I 
feel I would kind of betray my Ginger kitty. Could you please advice me what to 
do? Marinda 
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