No, I didn't mean the neoplasene when I wrote about a black salve - yes,
extremely painful.  This salve is different., not as painful, depending on
the cancer.  Natalie 

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I don't know if this will help the sarcoma, but am guessing they were
referring to what is called Black Salve Neoplasene.


There is a yahoo group for Neoplasene use in pets, and also a very wonderful
Feline Cancer group.  I would definitely suggest the Feline Cancer group
regardless of your interest in the Neoplasene, perhaps someone has
experience with a similar cancer.  And I would suggest researching the salve
thoroughly, I don't know much about it but sounds like it can be extremely
painful in some cases.


Good luck to Ms Phelps and to you!



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  I have mss phelps who is FIV/FELV.  All of a sudden,he got a huge lump on
the side of his neck.  I immed took him to vet where they did a biopsy.
This a.m. I called and they said it is sarcoma.  someone told me about some
black paste I can use on it.  can anyone in this group steer me in the right
direction.  thank you.



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