this is the email i rec'd:

Pandie Ann,
    My feeling is that at this point you cannot use the Black Salve:
    1)  He has been eating only dry food; therefore, it may be difficult to 
switch him to raw meat, and to get him to eat the raw meat with the essential 
supplements, all of which he needs to do the necessary repairing and healing 
after applying the Black Salve.  
    2)  He needs time to build up his body's strength to go through the ordeal 
of healing.  And he doesn't have that time. 
    3)  It is not clear from your email whether he is the FIV/FELV cat or you 
are speaking in general about other cats you have.  If he is FIV/FELV, for sure 
he will not have the Vital Life Force to heal once the Black Salve goes after 
the cancer cells.
    4)  He has had a biopsy; therefore, there is a great possibility the cancer 
has metastasized.
    5)  The growth/lump is so near to his trachea, that as it part 
of the healing...after applying the Black Salve, it might close off his airway.
    My opinion is that I would not put him through the trauma of surgically 
removing the growth either.  He won't live any fact, you may 
shorten his life, by his going through that trauma of surgery...and surgery 
will not stop the cancer from going to another fact, the trauma of 
the surgery will cause it to spread even faster because his immune system will 
be so weakened by the surgery.
    I wish I had a better prognosis, but I do not. 
Founder/Society for Animal Homeopathy
30 years experience in animal nutrition
25 years experience in classical homeopathy

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No, I didn’t mean the neoplasene when I wrote about a black salve – yes, 
extremely painful.  This salve is different., not as painful, depending on the 
cancer.  Natalie 

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I don't know if this will help the sarcoma, but am guessing they were referring 
to what is called Black Salve Neoplasene.


There is a yahoo group for Neoplasene use in pets, and also a very wonderful  
Feline Cancer group.  I would definitely suggest the Feline Cancer group 
regardless of your interest in the Neoplasene, perhaps someone has experience 
with a similar cancer.  And I would suggest researching the salve thoroughly, I 
don't know much about it but sounds like it can be extremely painful in some 


Good luck to Ms Phelps and to you!



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  I have mss phelps who is FIV/FELV.  All of a sudden,he got a huge lump on the 
side of his neck.  I immed took him to vet where they did a biopsy.  This a.m. 
I called and they said it is sarcoma.  someone told me about some black paste I 
can use on it.  can anyone in this group steer me in the right direction.  
thank you.



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