It probably has nothing to do with any disease like FIV/FeLV because our Spook 
is a healthy cat. Natalie


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I just got off the phone with the front office.  Our favorite vet is not in 
until Wednesday so I think that I will wait to bring Oliver in until then.  Our 
second favorite senior vet is on vacation this week.  The vet working today is 
ok, but I would rather wait and see the same vet who has been treating Oliver 
since the FeLV diagnosis.  


Since I understand that this may just be one of those things that happens with 
FeLV and he doesn't seem to be in any pain, I'll wait.  I will email him some 
links and comments so he can see them in the meantime.  Thanks!


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I've heard of it before, too. Interested to see what the vet says today! Keep 
us posted.



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One of our cats at about age 7 or 8, started having spots on his eye, and they 
were moving around.  Sometimes they look like a lot less, other times more.  
Eye was checked, it was nothing to worry about and doesn’t at all interfere 
with his vision. He will be 17 yrs old in July. Spook’s eyes are dark amber and 
spots are brown. Since your cat has blue eyes, and spots are blue, it could be 
the same thing.  I would still have it checked, because no two things are ever 
the same. Natalie


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Hi there. Oliver had an eye infection that was treated successfully about a 
month ago.  Last Thursday, he and another one of my cats had dentals.  All 
seemed to go well, Today, I noticed that one of his eyes looked "off" He has 
these huge blue Siamese eyes so you notice when something is weird.  I can't 
quite describe it, but it seems like his pupils look like there are spots of 
blue from the blue part of his eyes in there on the edge, if that makes sense.  
He is eating ok and of course isn't going to let me get as good of a look at it 
his eyes as I want to.   


I plan on calling the vet first thing tomorrow morning.  I wonder if he has 
some kind of delayed reaction to the anesthesia?  I'd love to hear everyone's 
thoughts.  Thanks,  Holly

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